Bespoke Fine Jewels and Rare Diamonds

Following my clients demands for bespoke and ethically sourced engagement rings and jewels, I have created a unique opportunity. Privileged to have the trust and collaborations that allow me to cut the middle men; I specialize in purchasing the highest quality white and natural color diamonds from the source. Ensuring that each diamond and every piece of fine jewelry has its own story.

Why Own Investment Diamonds in 2021?

Why Own Investment Diamonds?

Trends & Interesting Facts Through the Eyes of A Specialist; Mr. Marco Romano. I had the chance to speak with Mr. Marco Romano about investment grade diamonds and he shared so many secrets. He loves and views diamonds as the most precious stone in nature. F: How did it all start? What is your story…

Why Diamonds Are Good Luxury?

The positive impacts of purchasing diamonds on our environment and communities Lisa Levinson is currently the UK Head of Marketing and Communications for the Natural Diamond Council. Her career began in South Africa where she worked with rough diamonds, before joining the De Beers Group. She introduced the diamond jewellery brand, Forevermark, to British jewellers….

Why Do Millennials Buy More Diamonds? Part 1

Her exceptional knowledge and love for diamonds makes Lisa Levinson as rare as the diamonds she works with. I met Lisa during a talk she gave at the GIA’s London campus. Ever since then, I have followed her on social media and continued to learn about the diamond industry through the stories and facts she…

Why should I get my diamonds and jewels certificates?

Being the only international gemological laboratory in the UK, The World Gemological Institute has the unique opportunity to experience new discoveries with every rare beauty they see under their microscopes and loupes. Working with online and offline auction houses, members of the trade, jewellery owners, jewellery buyers and connoisseurs, WGI’s founder and CEO Noam Lenzini…

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