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Why Diamonds Are Good Luxury?

The positive impacts of purchasing diamonds on our environment and communities Lisa Levinson is currently the UK Head of Marketing and Communications for the Natural Diamond Council. Her career began in South Africa where she worked with rough diamonds, before joining the De Beers Group. She introduced the diamond jewellery brand, Forevermark, to British jewellers….

A jewel snippet – Helena Fine’s journey to create the Trillion Collection

The summary a memorable conversation: Helena Fine: My friends often ask me to tell about my experience as a mother, as a woman and a jeweler.  The 2020 quarantine period gives me the time to cherish and share with you my personal story. I will tell you about my vacation with my daughter, my collection…

Top 9 LGBT friendly Diamond Shapes In 2020: What do they represent?

An LGBTQ+ friendly guide to choosing the perfect diamond for any engagement. Humans are naturally selective. Our inherent need for self expression sees us develop unique tastes in what we eat, what we drive and what we wear. When it comes to choosing the cut and shape of a diamond, for an engagement ring per say, the decisions can be as as…