Five Invaluable Reasons to give a Bespoke Diamond Jewel as a Push Present

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Franka’s Sparklers bespoke jewels embellished with exclusive pink and white diamonds

It can be challenging to find something unique for this memorable occasion. Clients – among many other reasons – also love to get help from me as their private jeweler to avoid overpaying. I provide a complete service; the best value for the investment with my experience purchasing the diamonds and gemstones from the source, designing the piece to the final touches.

Now let’s look at why a personalized Diamond Push Present is what I recommend…

1.      To make her feel appreciated.

Push Gifts are more and more in demand as a piece of jewel as they help celebrate an important and unforgettable moment in the couple’s life and give a sense of appreciation.

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Franka’s Sparklers bespoke jewels adorned with rare natural fancy color and white diamonds

2.      She can wear it and enjoy it all her life.

A Diamond is timeless and beautiful, a Push Present made with a diamond or with diamonds will be lifelong cherished. Research shows that people wear their diamonds more often than other jewelry.

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Franka’s Sparklers bespoke earrings embellished with exceptional emeralds and white diamonds

3.      Diamonds represent eternal love.

Because Diamond Push Gifts represent forever love, as the love of a mother to her child! A bespoke piece can be a brilliant reminder of your love story, the arrival of the newest member of the family and your journey through life together.

At Franka’s Sparklers we offer beautifully crafted, bespoke diamond jewels to celebrate your growing family

4.      Your new, personalized story-telling jewel.

I find it always moving when a couple incorporates their story, a memory, an unforgettable hug or a moment that they want to remember. The story-telling function of a jewel is surprisingly rising in demand. People search for pieces with more meaning, I see that the pandemic gave this trend a boost as we want to have a stronger connection with our roots and with the people we value the most.

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Franka’s Sparklers bespoke earrings embellished with rare fancy green color and white diamonds

5.  You can give it to the next generation as a Heritage.

Heritage can mean many things; here I find an incredible beauty in a story told every time when a jewel is enjoyed or when it is passed down as a gift to the next generation…we seek to remember more about our parents and grandparents as we grow up. We treasure more and understand more ourselves by understanding where we come from.

Gifting varies in timing, some people like to give it in advance to be enjoyed before the birth, some will give it in the hospital, and some just wait until the new mummy arrives home. Generally speaking, I suggest ordering it in advance (latest in the second trimester) to make sure that it is ready for the blessed event of your baby’s arrival.

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Five Invaluable Reasons to give Franka’s Sparklers bespoke diamond jewels as a push present

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