A jewel snippet – Helena Fine’s journey to create the Trillion Collection

The summary a memorable conversation:

Helena Fine: My friends often ask me to tell about my experience as a mother, as a woman and a jeweler.  The 2020 quarantine period gives me the time to cherish and share with you my personal story. I will tell you about my vacation with my daughter, my collection and why is it important to give jewels to mark moments of happiness.

Not many people know it, but I went through a painful divorce when I felt that going to Israel could help me heal my femininity. Bringing my older daughter; Olivia with me made it the ultimate mother-daughter trip. We both love to travel, and she got a present from me to remember this trip: a necklace with diamonds. At the time she was a teenager and I felt it is extremely hard to please her with anything really. To my greatest surprise, she loves it so much she wears it all the time! It means so much to her, she speaks about it a lot and she is never taking it off. I wish people would embrace more the magic of giving a jewel to remember holidays. I know for example that Prince Edward gave Wallis Simpson a jewellery as a gift each time they traveled somewhere. What a great habit to embrace life and make those sweet memories last. I find it so important as we can pass down jewels and it has a great value to tell the story behind them to your children or even better: grand children!

The Trillion Collection was inspired by the spiritual journey that helped me explore my inner strengths of femininity. The name of it derives from the trillion shaped diamond and explores deeper connections within this ancient shape of a triangle: as a powerful female symbol it celebrates the harmony between Body, Mind and Spirit.

In closing, allow me to share with you the mantra that resonates both with our mother-daughter vacation and the Trillion Collection: ‘’The Starry Heavens Above Me And The Moral Law Within Me’’.

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